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For the last two years, my job at the UT Health Science Center has been centered around a project called Weblife. It's centered around building sites based around a very user-focused and results oriented approach. My portion of the work on the sites we build under this process is focused around user experience and site architecture.

Prior to starting work on CTRC, our team had an outside vendor assisting us with several of the earlier websites we built; the CTRC website is the first site my team built on our own from start to finish. 

On this site, my job was to refine the user experience and create an architecture around which to develop our CMS and content. I spent six weeks researching user behavior; interviewing stakeholders, patients and doctors; and analyzing website analytics to come up with a friendly, patient focused user experience and a site architecture that would support our goals.

This project makes use of:

  • User Experience
  • Site Architecture
  • Drupal 7